Serapool allocates 10% of its budget to R&D and Design expenditures every year.


With the principle of difference and naturalness, in accordance with the demands and needs of the market, SeraPool produces original designed pool coating materials.

Our R & D Unit works continuously to keep abreast of technological developments, to use the opportunities offered by technology for the development of products and to develop a new formula, product and design.

Each year, at least 10% of the budget is allocated in order to maintain the R & D activities successfully and uninterruptedly. SeraPool, following the developments in the sector closely with the innovations and establishing the know-how relationship with the large-scale companies in Italy and holding the pulse of the national and international market through sectoral fairs, successfully applies all these innovations and changes in its business process.

The R&D unit, which provides service with its expert team of ten, follows the changes and developments in the sector and transfers them to the business process. Serapool has developed seven new products in line with the more hygienic and more functional pool approach and these innovations have taken its place in the sector literature as a first in the world.

Acting with the responsibility of being a pioneer of leadership, Serapool, with its innovations, fulfills a function that not only increases its own business but also raises the vision of the sector.