The Serapool brand, which started its journey in 1984, is now one of the world's largest pond porcelain brands, exporting to 90+ countries.


Serapool sees production, application and usage process as a whole. With this understanding, it is one of the symbol names in the pool and its materials in our country.

Quality, hygiene, confidence, robustness and so on. In order to give the right of the concepts, Serapool, which traces the iz most S as a reflection of its care for human health and its respect for nature, has brought the porcelain, which is the healthiest, most hygienic and most reliable material in the world, into ponds.

Serapool, which constantly improves its product range with its new inventions and proves its success not only in our country but also on a world scale, has succeeded in becoming a brand that has announced its name to the world by exporting to 90+ countries on 5 continents. Serapool, as one of the few companies that can manufacture in its own facilities to offer different options with a wide range of products, can offer solutions for possible needs through a door-to-door approach to the original ideas and applications.

In spite of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate, Serapool believes that ”quality is not just a document.

Combining its long years of experience in production with R & D and technology, it offers its architects, engineers, contractors and other users in the sector with honor and respect.